Which Genital Herpes Symptoms in Men Appear Like Other Skin Conditions?

Genital herpes symptoms in men are frequently hard to visually identify for a physician (a good deal considerably much less the common person) on account of a myriad of variables – not the least of that is certainly the truth that some symptoms of herpes appear like these of other skin situations. With each infected individual’s immune method experiencing varied degrees of outcomes in combating the virus, 1 unique man could develop tell-tale clusters of painful blisters (the most-recognizable symptom of a herpes infection) via an outbreak, although one more experiences the kind of generalized skin irritation brought on by many diverse circumstances.

The following herpes symptoms in men look like other skin circumstances:


With no doubt, the symptom most-commonly related with herpes in men is the formation of blisters on or around the genitals. Less known by the general public, however, is that this symptom is also noticed in instances of Eczema, Impetigo, Syphilis, and yeast infection. Whereas the blisters related with Eczema and Impetigo may well appear within the genital region (although it’s uncommon), these blisters that form through the second stage of a Syphilis infection, and for the duration of a primary yeast infection surely will. Because of this, genital herpes sores are from time to time misdiagnosed as Syphilis or Candidiasis (yeast infection).

Sores and Ulcers

The sores and ulcers that type just right after herpes blisters rupture can, needless to say, resemble these within the other aforementioned skin circumstances which bring about blisters. They’re capable to also, on the other hand, resemble symptoms of skin circumstances including Lichen Sclerosis, different allergic reactions, as well as acne at different stages. Within the case of Lichen Sclerosis, a painful skin irritation that causes inflammation and itching, scratching on the irritated tissue can produce leaking sores equivalent to herpes ulcers. Allergic rashes and acne, if scratched or otherwise picked at by the sufferer, might also produce an appearance similar to herpes.

Swollen, Reddened Patches of Skin

Perhaps the easiest symptom to mis-diagnose, swollen, reddened patches of skin on and around the genitals are frequently indicative of a herpes outbreak, but can just as effortlessly be indicative of any number of other skin conditions resulting from either internal, or external, irritants. After after far more, Lichen Sclerosis, Candidiasis, Eczema and Impetigo may very well be the culprit around the predicament, as could any quantity of other illnesses, or further benign causes (i.e., chafing from poorly fitting undergarments).

In the finish from the day, on the other hand, there is surely 1 basic point to keep in thoughts concerning the information presented within this post. Even though this short article presents a summary of these genital herpes symptoms in men that appear like other skin situations, it really is important to bear in mind that an correct diagnosis demands testing by a trained physician. As with a number of other herpes-related concerns, only via getting an precise diagnosis can you make certain that you’re infected, and only then are you capable to start to undergo remedy.

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