The best way to Cure External Hemorrhoids?

External hemorrhoids are fleshy lumps around the rectum. They happen consequently of anal pressure which dilates the rectal veins. Pressure on the rectal walls affects the muscles which assistance the hemorrhoidal vessels. They loose their assistance, get enlarged and transformed into a fleshy protrusion below the skin around the anus.

The best cure external hemorrhoids approach to relieve symptoms?

Measures to relieve pain and discomfort brought on by relieving external hemorrhoids include:

Sitz baths with lukewarm water numerous occasions daily for about 10-15 minutes. Right right after the bath tub sitting, the affected region must be dried gently having a clean towel as a way to remove wetness from the area. When the affected area is left wet, this would cause an adverse effect – the hemorrhoids would get enlarged and more painful.

Ice packs applied and withdrawn carefully reduce pain and swelling.

Application of hemorrhoidal suppositories alleviates discomfort and pain significantly.

Hemorrhoidal creams, cortisone creams, Vaseline and petroleum jelly would bring an instant improvement of the external hemorrhoids.

Wearing loose underwear is a must. The fabric of the garments should be of natural origin, preferably cotton or silk.

Cleaning the affected area after bowel movement by a gentle use of wet wipes helps control the itching and irritation of the anus.

Taking aspirin or acetaminophen (panadol) relieves the pain temporarily.

Surgical methods for curing external hemorrhoids.

The most commonly used medical methods for treatment of hemorrhoidal conditions are:

Injection sclerotherapy – this method shrinks the hemorrhoid lumps by causing inflammations and closure of the dilated rectal veins. A special medical solution is injected in the area near the hemorrhoid which provokes the rectal veins reaction.

Rubber band ligation – this method uses a rubber band which is placed at the base of the hemorrhoid. The band stops the blood supply to the affected vein and causes it to dry up and fall of in about a week.

Infrared photocoagulation – this procedure works by directing infrared light to the affected veins of the hemorrhoid. The dilated veins coagulate and as a result the external hemorrhoids shrink because the blood cannot go through the coagulated veins.

Laser coagulation – this method uses an electric current to shrink hemorrhoidal protrusions. The electricity is emitted by an electrode probe and triggers a chemical reaction which cuts off the blood supply to the infected area.

Hemorrhoidectomy-this method is a surgical removal of the hemorrhoid groups performed by a cautery devise in addition to a scalpel or by laser. The surgery is advisable for remedy of prolapsed or thrombosed external hemorrhoids.

Preventive measures.

Unless you do some prevention, hemorrhoids will return extra than time. On the list of most productive preventive measures are:

Transform your life style for all those who lead a sedentary one particular distinct. Physical working out will working out buttocks muscle tissues in conjunction with the all round conditioning of your physique.

Raise your daily liquid intake and attempt and involve factors like in the least a glass of fresh fruit juice day-to-day.

Make a habit of consuming as an awesome deal fibers as you could.

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