How Much Does Lasik Cost

The first thing that must be considered when you consider lasik laser eye surgery procedure is the price. It’s hard to offer a fixed price because there are several factors that change the final amount from one case to another.

The first one is the geographical location. For example: a famous surgeon from Beverly Hills is considerably more expensive than another one from Pennsylvania. Also, the treatment facility must be taken into account because a small private clinic won’t charge the same price as a hospital or a specialized eye treatment center.

Another important factor is the reputation of the surgeon and of the center. It’s obvious that a professional doctor will ask more money for the procedure than any his colleagues.

“How much does LASIK cost” is a valid concern which you may consider if you would like to have a vision correction surgery. Luckily, LASIK costs in the past two years have stabilized somewhat, but the total out-of-pocket cost still varies depending on what treatment you have done.

The average price of LASIK surgery costs about $1950 total per eye. More specifically, the average cost of LASIK is considered to be between $1500 and $1660 for the basic and non-customized LASIK procedure with a microkeratome blade and excimer laser per eye, up to $2340 for Wavefront mapped LASIK using an advanced laser, and up to $3600 for the most advanced LASIK procedure.

Although these prices overall are significantly higher than those before 2005, the use of more recent technology (including lasers, corneal mapping technology, Wavefront, and other surgical tools) has contributed to the rise in LASIK costs, with the number of risks and complications being greatly reduced correspondingly as well.

How much LASIK costs will also vary according to whether or not it is performed at a national chain, private office, or major university medical center. Although the costs between private offices and major university medical centers vary widely, the cost at the national chains will generally be somewhat lower overall. However, one must be careful of unusually low prices often advertised as “bargain” prices or packages, as these are often performed by inexperienced surgeons or with substandard equipment. Sometimes there are also hidden costs and fees that are not disclosed upfront.

The cost of LASIK will vary from surgeon to surgeon as well. When comparing LASIK costs from whichever surgeons you choose, you should be sure the following are included in the total price before making your final decision:

-Any follow-up examinations after the surgery
-Whether or not your are responsible for any treatment which may be needed for any complications arising either during or after the surgery
-The cost of the prescription antibiotics and any other medication which may be prescribed after the surgery
-Any other fees which may arise after the surgery is performed.

Although it may be initially tempting to choose the lowest priced surgery available, one should remember that the greatest of technologies in the hands of an unskilled surgeon is useless and can still cause major risks and complications. The skills of the surgeon are still a major part of the overall surgery cost, and thus one should not be tempted to necessarily choose the lowest price first. The skill level and experience of the surgeon should be evaluated FIRST, and then the level of refractive surgery, technology, and types of equipment next. How much LASIK costs will be determined primarily by the above factors overall.

Another thing you should think about when you are going to get lasik done is how much money you will be saving in the long run. Lasik will last you your entire life so your cost savings can be much better getting lasik than not. Lets say you are thirty years old right now and need lasik or glasses. If you stick with glasses you will probably spend around $200 every other year on prescriptions and doctors visits if you are lucky. This means that in around ten years when you are forty you will not only have spent around the same as lasik on glasses but you will also have had to put up with wearing glasses or contacts for the last ten years.

Besides prices you should think about the price that convenience and quality of life is to you. If you like to golf or ski or do anything outside that is difficult with glasses then lasik will not only benefit you but it will also create a more enriching lifestyle that you deserve.

Whatever you choose to do to correct your vision as long as you factor in all of the pros and cons, costs and benefits you will be sure to have better vision if you just plan it out right. You can also view the natural recovery of vision.