Agoraphobia and then Social Anxiety Disorder

Agoraphobia and social anxiety disorder – two separate conditions seemingly – but with several pretty similar symptoms. Both are phobias, among social interactions and events, the other of open space and places that they cannot handle. Both can lead to an individual becoming a recluse along with a shut in which can be why they will occasionally be confused at the same time. These circumstances also can be linked to muddying the waters even further.

Are Agoraphobia and Social Anxiety Disorder Linked?

As has been said, each are phobias, each are anxiety disorders. Another thing that links these two is that both may also be associated with a panic disorder that can cause panic attacks at high levels of stress and anxiousness. Each circumstances cause the sufferer to become anxious when in unfamiliar territory also – but here is where they start to diverge a lot.

People with social anxiety are concerned over handle of social interactions. Agoraphobia are concerned about manage of environment and surroundings. This is a quite broad generalisation but holds true for the most part.

What this can mean is that social anxiousness sufferers rarely have agoraphobia, but Agoraphobia can often have elements of social anxiousness too as their base condition. Someone with social anxiousness however can become even more withdrawn and may develop agoraphobia at the same time but this is rarer.

How to Overcome Social Anxiety

With such similarities, each of these conditions can be overcome with related techniques for similar results. There are generally two parts when combating any anxiety disorder with panic attacks – these are quite obvious – stopping panic attacks, then solving the phobias than underlie the anxiousness.

Treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder

This is easier said than done of course, but there are a number of ways you can help to alleviate this problem.

  • Diet – Changing what you consume can actually help your body fight the more extreme levels of anxiety
  • Stopping Catastrophic Thinking – Stopping the thought process that leads you down the path towards a panic attack is essential to learn.
  • Deep Breathing – There are methods of breathing which can help arrest a panic attack before it goes out of control.
  • Alternative Therapies – Hypnotherapy for instance and may others have produces good results in some people.

Eliminating Social Anxiety Disorder

Agoraphobia and Social Anxiety Disorder can both be eliminated. In fact, a lot of of the same things that stop panic attacks can be used to alleviate and get rid of overarching anxiousness disorders too. To be truly free of these you need to overcome the phobia at the core of the condition however.

This can take some time, but when you have controlled the anxiousness levels it is amazing how fast you can begin to take back your life and learn not to fear those things anymore.

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